Yi-Ling (Carol) Huang

(214) 315-1436 · yilingh@smu.edu

I love to analyze data and provide business insight and thus help people solve problems. As a student in the business analytics program, I utilized R, SQL and Python to process large amount of data, to apply machine learning algorithms, and to visualize data appropriately. Even though I sometimes had challenges, I really enjoyed the process solving them. Each puzzle provides a new opportunity to find solutions. Through MSBA program training, I realize that analyzing data is intriguing. I believe my training can provide useful business insights to help people solve problems.


Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business

Master of Science in Business Analytics

GPA: 3.737

May 2020

United States (USA)

National Cheng Kung University

Master of Business Administration-Finance

GPA: 3.94/4.30

June 2017

Taiwan (R.O.C)

National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration-Department of Finance

GPA: 3.90/4.00

June 2015

Taiwan (R.O.C)



Lai – Yi Paper Box Manufacturing Factory

  • Optimized accounting procedure on managing daily transactions and monitoring financial reports regularly
  • Enhanced working efficiency by computerizing thousands of transactions instead of recording transactions by hand
  • Boosted 15% production by updating raw materials and finished goods status using Google Sheets and inviting clients as reader to review

July 2017 – January 2019

Taiwan (R.O.C)

CERTIFICATIONS and Programming Languages

  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1
Programming Languages
  • R ·
  • Python ·
  • SQL ·
  • Tableau ·
  • Alteryx
Statistical Techniques
  • Logistic Regression Model
  • Naive Bayes Classification
  • K Nearest Neighbors Classification (KNN)
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest
  • Neural Network


Teknion Data Solutions & Pine Cove (Summer Camp Non-Profit Organization) – Capstone Project

  • Leveraged current recruiting data to build and test model to identify criteria for “good fit” camp counselor and identify 3rd party data sources to identify potential recruiting opportunities to expand list of camp counselor applicants
  • Separated multi values in one cell into dummy variables and dealt with missing values and typo in R
  • Constructed decision tree to figure out rules that classify good camp counselors

PickUp (Curated Delivery Service Company) – Data Visualization and Communication

  • Worked with local start-up company to analyze and to recommend potential new markets in California and Canada applying similar characteristics in current markets
  • Synthesized multiple data sources including demographics, traffic and customer base for both current and potential areas
  • Designed score card index in Excel based on ranked variables to identify target markets
  • Built Tableau dashboards and queries to visualize pros and cons of potential markets and to recommend target markets

Portuguese Bank – Data Mining

  • Evaluated subscription of new savings product at bank to determine if success of product can be predicted
  • Scrubbed raw data and managed data issues including missing values and label imbalance and separated data into training and validation sets using R
  • Built decision tree model for subscription variable using training set
  • Examined classification ability of model with validation set applying confusion matrix and accuracy

Weblogs Task – Big Data Platforms

  • Clarified most frequently visited pages accessed from default smu.edu web page
  • Constructed Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern to capture data and cleaned data using Python
  • Defined schema for data set and converted it, using that schema, into data frame
  • Obtained first 20 results and sorted from most frequent to less frequent writing SQL query

HTML Task – Big Data Platforms

  • Scraped table format data from “Board Game Geek” web page that provides rankings for various boardgames
  • Utilized “urllib” to retrieve web page and “BeautifulSoup” to extract data from web page using Python
  • Applied for loop with different HTML tags to acquire fields showing on web page

Database Design for Business

  • Constructed H1B database for international students narrowing job searching efforts to targeted companies
  • Collected data from multiple sources such as myvisajobs and PayScale and built database in SQL to relate different worksheets
  • Established filters applying SQL queries to select data by year, region, industry category
  • Presented results with tables, maps, and histograms to visualize clearly in R Shiny

Projects Portfolio

Bank Term Deposit Prediction Using Decision Tree

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Yelp Text Mining

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Gender Classification by Voice Features Using Support Vector Machine

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Customer Segmentation Using K Means Clustering

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Diabetes Prediction Using K Nearest Neighbors

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Web Scraping - Board Game Geek Web Page

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